Simple Cairn

Morning Web

Morning Web

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Short morning day hike. Fog all but ruined the light, but I was able to catch something neat.

Into the Wilderness

Islamorada Sunset


Night Out


We don't get out often, but when we do we try to have as much fun as possible! A little color play with the ambient lighting that was just excellent.

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Fall Colors 2

Cucumber Falls Day Hike

Just another quick snap at Ohiopyle. This was walking up the hill, and I didn't really pay mind to composition for this shot, so it's a little off. But once I started to develop in Lightroom, I really quite like what this shot is doing here.

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Fall Colors

Quick Fall Snap

Western Pennsylvania Sunrise

Another shot from the fall sunrise hike. Quick snap to try out some sun veiling. The light was perfect, and I really love this shot.

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Fall Sunrise

Sunrise Over Western PA

Just a quick snap from a sunrise hike along the shore of the Youghiogheny River. Originally it seemed like there was nothing there, but after working with it a little, I found out there was more there than I thought.

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